Sunday, September 30, 2007

Famous Firsts: Consequence

Winter, 14 Years Ago Animal Mother's Bedroom: Aww, shit! I had just bought the "Award Tour" 12 inch and I couldn't wait to play it! After going through my scratch, cut, mix routine I decided to listen to the b-side. Started playing the Chase Part 2 which intrigued me because I had yet to buy the album and hear part 1(at that time, I got the vinyl a little later and CD's were my last resort...can't play that on a 1200. Didn't know there was no part 1.). The beat was dope and I loved the Biz sample but I kinda laughed at the time: " Crooked toofed bandit? This dude sounds like G. Rap! What the f---?" Totally dismissed it.

Fast forward to 1996

Listening to Beats, Rhymes & Life (an album that has grown on me in the last 11 years), I hear G. Rap guy again. However he's not a guest, he's a frickin' member! It's Phife Dog, Tip and Ali, not those three and some other dude! This Hip-Hop cousin Oliver(He's actually Tip's cousin.) was all over this album and I blamed him for their demise. Even though he had gotten better, I didn't want him around.
I didn't hear from Cons again until about 2003 and man was I impressed. The dude's whole style changed. Sick metaphors and a more confident delivery. He also had alot of production help from some Chicago dude named Kane or what have you. In any event, this was not the same dude yelling into the mic on that Quest b-side 10 years earlier. He had grown by leaps and bounds.

The Con man that delivered 2007's Don't Quit Your Day Job, is an accomplished and well established MC. I'm really disappointed that his numbers weren't better. I think his association with Chicago dude had alot to do with it. I read on some blog that he sounds like 'Ye's son, which is funny to me and shows the guys lack of knowledge, as Dexter has Mr. West by nearly 10 years of professional MC'ing. The dude is sick with his now and deserves some recognition. From '04's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly to Feel This Way (feat. John Legend) Consequence shows that he's a high caliber MC and deserves some love from the hip-hop community.

I put up his first appearance on vinyl (The Chase Pt. 2), Mind Power as well as the Dilla produced Wordplay one of my favorite cuts from Beats, Rhymes and Life so you could see his marked improvement in just three years. If you want a real treat however, go out and buy Don't Quit Your Day Job! It's a good listen and I think it's one of this years slept on albums.
And It's Still All Good Presents: Young Con-Man