Sunday, May 13, 2007

Better Than The Original (Ultra Shandilere Edition)

Future Without A Past was the seminal release from Leaders of The New School and it was a well crafted first album. The first single: Case of The P.T.A., made it impossible for you to just sit down and listen. You had to bob ya head and east coast stomp til it was over. This was their signature hit and they never had another song hit as hard.

Sobb Story was kind of a mellow song. Very melodic and easy-going. It went along with the time it was released(summer of '91) and was perfect for driving. Even the video made you wanna chill and ride a bike.(Should a video about cars make you not want to drive one?)

However, when you hear that "Oh my god! Oh my gawd!" it made you jump out of your skin. The International Zone Coaster (Ultra Shandilere Tango-Trixx Mix) was that shit! It so eclipsed the original, it seemed like they're two totally different songs and let's be real, Busta's verses killed it. The original was so non descript, I was surprised that it was released. It didn't stand out on the album and I was unsure about paying $5 for the 12". Dante Ross and Co. added a sinister heavy baseline, new kicks and snares and a distinctive chime that gave the song a facelift and made it the banger it was. The original might as well have not been on the album this version makes it irrelevant.

Compare and contrast and leave your comments for me:

International Zone Coaster (Album Version)-Leaders Of The New School

International Zone Coaster (Ultra Shandilere Tango-Trixx Mix)-Leaders Of The New School