Friday, May 18, 2007

The Single That Never Was: Plumskinzz

K.M.D. was an enigma to me. I wasn't quite sure what they were, but I liked them. They were into the whole black pride/power thing but they weren't "Blackety-black and I'm black y'all!" like X Clan. They didn't have the following of Brand Nubian or Poor Righteous Teachers (Whom I thought weren't as interesting as Zev & Co.) but I thought they had a better chance of making it by being down with 3rd Bass, another error on my part.

Peachfuzz hit hard in the winter of '91. Every weekend Clark Kent or Red Alert got it into their mix show. I was excited about getting the album but Mr. Hood just didn't do it for me. I wasn't really feeling the songs and I ended up only liking Who Me?, Humrush(yeah, it's weird but I like Bert humming) and Peachfuzz of course. After releasing Who Me? as a single and video(which didn't hit at all), I thought: "What could they possibly release next?" There wasn't anything I could imagine being worthy to be released from the album.

Much to my dissappoinment, Nitty Gritty was the next single. Never cared for it. Even the re-mix with The Now Rule Mob AND Busta Rhymes did nothing to pique my interest. Being the vinyl rat I was, I still bought it and kinda dismissed it to my "not for partyin' crate". As far as I know, there was no video for Nitty and it was never requested when I DJ'ed. There was this one song I kept hearing though during Clark's show that he kept putting on to talk over during the station I.D. breaks. It was a heavy samba-like break reminiscent of Mas Que Nada by Sergio Mendes. I taped it and took it to Beat Street and the cat that worked the counter listened to it and said: "That's K.M.D.! You have that already don't you?" It was the Plumskinzz (Instrumental) on the Nitty Gritty single.

I was so disenchanted by Nitty, I never listened to the other tracks. Not only was Skinzz a more enjoyable song than the single it was attached to, but there was also a great re-mix to Peachfuzz on there as well. Plumskinzz is not on the Mr. Hood album. My guess is: it was either a late scratch or something they did after the release of Hood. It is featured on the BL_CK B_ST_RDS album as well their Best Of album(inexplicably cut in half for some reason).

I've included the entire 12" single here as well as just the instrumental to listen to because I really liked it that much. Listen, enjoy and if you like these cats and you don't have Mr. Hood or BL_CK B_ST_RDS hunt them both down and purchase them.

Nitty Gritty/Plumskinzz 12"-K.M.D.

Plumskinzz (Instrumental)