Monday, November 26, 2007

Back When he was Nasty...but not quite Esco

In my humble blogosphere relevant opinion you can't like Hip-Hop and not like Nas! There I said it. Am I a fan? Yup! Do I think he won the Ether/Super Ugly war? Man.. Ether was like being locked in an elevator with Kimbo Slice after telling him you skeeted on his was pretty much finito, man. This ain't about Esco or Mr. Kelis, this is about young Nas...Nasty Nas...if your nasty...or something like that.

This collection(which I "leached" earlier this year before I started blogging. Big ups to whoever I got it from.) showcases a post BBQ/Illmatic Nas growing as a lyricist. This also contains real freestyling in it's purest form. "What does that mean" you ask? Stuttering, pauses beteween bars and some lines that will make you wince more than cheer. That's what comin off the top of the dome is about. Not your cribbed 16 on a sheet of notebook paper that will be on your next album. There are even some structured sets as well as him kicking his "Barbecue" verse again. He's no MC Supernatural or Craig G but Mr. Jones is definitely skilled.

While I believe it's incomplete, it's definitely a keeper. Some of the stand out cuts are The Foulness, a cautionary tale about jockin your neighborhood thug, a DJ Clue assisted spit session with The Firm wrecking the Road To Riches beat as well as a few Stretch and Bobbito appearances. Listen for young Akinyele and Noreaga as well as Cormega making guest appearances. Be warned: It's copied from tapes (remember those things?) so the sound is pretty tinny on some tracks but it's worth it just to get a glimpse at one of the greatest MC's who was developing his style at an early stage in his career.

Nas: The Early Freestyle Collection


What It Is said...

Looks good man. Also, I am so fucking tired of people misusing the term "freestyle" your entire block shouldn't be finishing your rhymes if it's a freestyle dun.

Animal Mother said...

My sentiments exactly. I remember a year ago watching Llyod Dollars(another one of the "best freestylers of all time") allegedly "body" someone in a battle. Only thing his whole crew finished EVERY F-CKING VERSE! I turned to the person watching it with me like: "Duke, he's NOT freestyling! HE'S NOT FREESTYLING!"

Commish CH said...

That also p*sses me off, especially on BET Rap City when these rappers are supposedly "freestyling" when they're in the booth; or when they are on your local FM morning show and are "freestlying"? No way. A few months back I saw KRS do a real freestyle on BET and I always appreciate Common dropping real freestyles on Sirius, etc.

great post and thanks.

Franchise said...

thank you for revisiting what a great artist nas is and what freestyling really is. if you want some unreleased nas stuff, visit here:

Nas - unreleased joints - you already kow

Max said...

I don't think rappers have authentically 'freestyled' since the prehistoric era. It's not freestyling when everyone in your wack-ass crew can finish your lines better than you can (and if you insist you're still freestyling, then I would question what kind of bond you have with your entourage, in which they can finish your thoughts in unison), and you're not freestyling if you're just spitting a verse that has YET to appear on your album. But I like to bitch and moan. I also hate the fact that the term 'freestyle' was co-opted for a completely different and equally wack-ass musical genre (unless you liked roller skating in the late eighties), but that's another rant entirely.

Oh, I suppose this blog was supposed to be about Nasir. Great post, as always.

Hip Hop Isn't Dead

Animal Mother said...

Hell yeah, that freestyle music was wack as shit man. However at some point during the night I always had to play it. Don't miss it at all.

Anonymous said...

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