Wednesday, December 5, 2007

24 Hours Of Insanity: A Tragic Loss And Another Senseless Act

Can we put the old school love on hold for a minute? Hip-Hop lost a pioneer in its powerful Southern Rap scene with the death of Pimp C on December 4, 2007. He and Bun B have been at it since '92 or so. To casual fans, he's one of the cats from Jay-Z's Big Pimpin' but UGK has meant so much more to the game.

Details are sketchy at the time but he was basically found expired in his room. I will not speculate on the cause because to each man what they do privately, behind closed doors is just that but it's definitely sad. Not only will he leave behind throngs of adoring fans but never forget that these are human beings and they leave behind loved ones as well. I thought about upping Too Hard to Swallow but out of respect for C and his fans, it's not the right time to give away his stuff at the moment, so I WILL NOT.

R.I.P. Chad "Pimp C" Butler

Another sensless act in the long line of continuing violence against black men by black men occurred yesterday when Bay area artist Spice 1 (born Robert L. Green, Jr.) was shot in the chest last night. His injuries aren't life threatening but what the fuck man? Growing up in the Bronx, I remember cats shootin' the fair one. You know, WITH THE HANDS!?! If you lost, you lost but you got to talk shit about it the next day. You and your friends might see duke one day and then it's on and he gets stomped out but guess what...he'll live! I'm not advocating violence as a means of resolution to life's everyday problems but god damnit, there's finality in a bullet. You can't blast someone and then say sorry.

I don't care if a dude skeeted on your chick and you caught him, snuffing out or trying to snuff out the precious gift we call life for any other reason but being in mortal danger yourself is wrong. Take a drink. Puff something. Hump something. This casually trying to end a dude's life for bullshit (and I know it was.) is straight wack juice.