Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back In The Day...Downtown Science Room To Breathe

Can I tell y'all that to this day there is no show like Video Music Box! Ralph McDaniels and The Vid Kid didn't just show the mainstream cats like Tribe, Leaders, Kane...whoever was big when I was watching it but they also gave lesser known indie and even poorly pushed big label acts some spins. One of those acts was Downtown Science.

In 1991, 3rd Bass boardsmith Sam Sever and his producing partner/MC Bosco Money put out a self titled debut album on Def Jam records. Room To Breathe was the first single and it was a smooth banga. Over a futuristic sounding loop, Bosco states pretty much what DTS is about: Sam's sick samples and his own positive rhymes. Bosco's style and cadence evokes a less political Chuck D, whom I honestly thought may have had a hand in writing this back then but I have to chalk that up to my youth. When I was younger I would break on his hat but now I appreciate the dudes lyrics and the decision to kick positive, clean rhymes.

The song was a minor hit in wide release but was pretty dope with DJ's and "headz" alike. The loop was resurrected three years later by Redman on "Bobyahed2dis" off the Dare Iz a Darkside album.

Check the leadoff single from the group and if you like it, it's available at:

Downtown Science-Downtown Science (Def Jam Records 1991)

Room To Breathe-Downtown Science

1. Room To Breathe (Radio Mix)
2. Room To Boom (Dub)
3. Room To Breathe (Instrumental)
4.Out There But In There (Main Mix)
5. Out There But In There (Instrumental)


Commish CH said...

"Radioactive" was a great track back then, and it still is. I think my DS CD got ganked years ago. One.

Anonymous said...

Great memories of 'Downtown Science'...I've always liked Sam Sever on the boards....what is the pw for this file??? Thanks!

Animal Mother said...

password: downtownsever

quasimotto said...

Many thanks for this - this was a long lost gem for me

pw incorrect, is it case sensitive?

Jaxon B. Worthington IV said...

Trying to get this joint, but the password isn't working....HELP!

Anonymous said...

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Animal Mother said...

Will re-up again!

Animal Mother said...

FIXED! No password!

Anonymous said...