Sunday, December 16, 2007

DJ's: Rescue Your Vinyl!

Break out your old 12"'s and get busy. Rescue your vinyl with this simple device. As a former DJ who no longer has his 1200's, this is a godsend!


The ION TTUSB05 is the perfect turntable for archiving and digitizing your vinyl music collection. USB connectivity simplifies conversion directly into your computer and with the included software for recording your music, you can now listen to your favorite music on CDs or portable media players. The ION TTUSB05 even features a standard, RCA line output for connecting to your home stereo or home theater system with no hassles.EZ Vinyl Converter by MixMeister is included free with the ION TTUSB05 and provides the easiest way to convert your records to your computer's digital music library. Simply plug in your ION TTUSB05 turntable, specify track information and in a few mouse clicks you're done!

EZ Vinyl Converter automatically imports your songs directly into your iTunes library. Once digitally converted, you can sort your music, make custom playlists, and easily take songs with you on an iPod or play them directly from your computer. Finally your record collection can be available wherever you are.In addition, the ION TTUSB05 comes with free Audacity software for editing your recorded tracks. Audacity helps remove clicks, pops and other noises from your recordings to restore the full quality of your vinyl.

It even enables you to convert 78 RPM records.
At $99.00 USD, the ION TTUSB05 is afordable for what it can do. Imagine saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of records on this thing. OK, maybe I'm late and all of y'all are laughing at me right now but I don't give a shit. I'll have this soon and that means more remixes and good shit for you all.
You can purchase it here:


Dude said...

Hey. I got one of these. Does the job nice. Straight into Ableton for me. Sweet.

Matthew said...

Yo! Santa brought me for X-mas and it rocks. It makes the whole vinyl digitizing process so easy. I love it!

By the way, do you of anyone who has upgraded the cartridge? I was contemplating doing that but I wasn't sure if it would work.

alley al said...

so, when you are ripping it, it goes directly to a format you choose? not wave first?
does it record faster than real time?

how is that different from those simple free prgorams nowadays that records audio from almost any source?

i remember many years ago-- maybe mid-late 90s-- i hooked up my cassette player to the back of the drive and recorded a del maxi single or something. it was so easy, but it was in wave format.
now they got like dbpoweramps or some other shits like that to record directly into mp3/wmv etc.

Matthew said...

It's actually a lot different than those recording programs that are out.
For one, the USB-out from the turntable has a pre-amp in it, so you can go directly into your computer's sound card without having to use a mixer of any sort.

This makes getting good levels easier.

When you record vinyl, it outputs the recording in WAV format which I like the best.

And yes, it has a double speed function, where it will record the vinyl at double speed. This is a good time saver.

I used to record my vinyl the old fashioned way, but this is much simpler, direct, and faster.

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