Thursday, October 4, 2007

Have You Seen Me?: Roxanne Shanté

Assuming Nas doesn't do a 1985-89 Where Are They Now? remix, there's a few people I'd like to know about. As amatter of fact, he could do just a Juice Crew mix. Those are the cats that I want to catch up with. They were like A Hip-Hop Justice League. You had Kane who was their Man of Steel. The quintissential Supa MC whose weakness wasn't Kryptonite but corny lover man raps. Marley and MC Shan, the Dynamic Duo. Masta Ace who was like the Green Lantern, mad powerful but he didn't necessarily have to tell you. You'd find out when it was too late. And you had Roxanne Shanté who at the time was definitely rap's Wonder Woman. Strong enough to take on UTFO but still too young to drink.

What happened to Wonder Woman though? She came on strong with Roxanne's Revenge and Have a Nice Day. I remember when she came back in '89 with Bad Sister and the hit Live On Stage (which was in HEAVY rotation on Video Music Box at the time.) However, after that...poof...she's gone. Chick pulled a Keyser Söze. Finito. Or was she? Unlike a lot of rappers in her day, Shanté took the initiative. She knew fame was fleeting but knowledge lasts forever as this Youtube clip will attest to.

Yup Dr. Roxanne Shanté, bitches! Appearantly, she still gets down with a guest appearance here and there but the girl is no fool. Pregnancy didn't stop her. A changing rap game was a momentary speed bump. And she took that advance money and didn't buy a car or a house, she bought herself a future. Which at least assures her of not ending up on VH-1...unless she chooses.

What she did:

Roxanne's Revenge-Roxanne Shanté

What she's been doing:

Yes, Yes, Y'all-Mekon feat. Roxanne Shanté